Trang Nguyen is a Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach who is passionate about changing the game in endurance sport. Before transitioning into running and triathlon, Trang was a strength athlete. She signed up for her first 10k run at the Melbourne Marathon, and the rest is history. This whole time, Trang was completely injury-free in all the training she did, and attributes her physical resilience to the base strength that she had developed in the gym.

At the same time, she would see athletes in the Physiotherapy Clinic who were training hard, but with preventable injuries due to poor training programming and low physical strength. In the endurance community around her, she would see and hear about athletes struggling with lack of performance progress and constant injury.

This ignited a fire in her. As an athlete herself, Trang knew that these athletes identified as runners and triathletes, and injuries disrupting training would take away their sense of self. Training was their base, their way of getting into the right state on a daily basis and bringing out the best in them as humans. They wanted to test themselves, and really push the limits to achieve their absolute potential.

From there, The Motion Mechanic was born. Trang’s vision is to raise the standards in endurance sport, and to help as many endurance athletes as possible become the best athletes they can be, and ultimately achieve their greatest athletic potential.

Find out more about how Trang does this through the website and the different platforms she uses to reach out to athletes.


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