If you’re a runner, and you’re reading this, then it’s highly likely you are a high-achiever. High achievers live a life that isn’t JUST about satisfying the basic needs for survival, they desire more. High achievers have high standards for themselves and desire to fulfil deeper needs like growth and contribution.

Like you, I am a high achiever. Therefore, I am always fascinated to learn from those who have overcome massive adversity to grow themselves beyond what most never will. This is why I took a week to attend Tony Robbins’ UPW 2019 event!

And what a weekend it was! 4 days starting at 8.30am and finishing at 10-11pm. Think of breakthroughs you’d get in one session with a psychologist, but x8000 and very much on steroids. Like when you fall in love, I’ve left the event seeing the world as rainbows and sunshine. I’m hearing colours and sh*t!

Your physical progress is only as large as your mental growth, so now I want to share my learnings with you all. Here are my top 10 takeaways from the event:

1. It’s not about getting the goal. It’s about who you become in pursuit of that goal.

I think this is something we have all heard before, but truly think about it for a second. Feel it, believe it and condition yourself to live aligned with this belief. When so many of the rich, famous and accomplished say time and time again, that this is how you must live, then you must start to see the pattern that leaves some real big clues to the secret to happiness. Learn from those who couldn’t find their alignment with this, such as the beautiful Robin Williams and Avicii, and make something out of what they can teach us.

2. Get Perspective.

No matter what you’re going through in life, someone else has it much, much worse than you. Majority of the world live on $2.50 a day, something we can easily turn a blind eye to as we live in a protected bubble, here in Australia. Yes, we can all have problems and feel negative emotions, but in these times, if you condition yourself to recognise where you truly sit in this world, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to live in a very beautiful state everyday and forever.

3. Live in a beautiful state

We all have different states. Who you are at the end of a long work week is very different to who you are on vacation. You’re still the same person, but in different states of being. Your state dictates the decisions you make (Think of how you decide to talk to your partner/family when you’re tired late at night vs when you’re on a romantic/fun outing), which ultimately dictates who you become. At the end of the day, you have all the control over your own state. There is no alternative. Choose to live in a beautiful state everyday, which will change your emotions, which will change your decisions, which will ultimately change your destiny.

4. Good is not good enough in this era. You have to be OUTSTANDING.

In this world today, there are more people, more competition, and the standard is higher than it has ever been before. Good IS the average standard now, so if you are only ‘good’, then you’re really only average. People are ‘good’ at their work, ‘good’ in their training, and wonder why they are still lost in the crowd. Don’t settle for ‘good’, be OUTSTANDING and don’t accept anything less.

5. Change is never a matter of ability.

People default to saying ‘I can’t do this’, or ‘This is too hard’ or ‘This takes too much time’ to tell themselves a story that feeds into their fears, and justifies their lack of effort/success so they feel better. Think about this- If you HAD to do something you have previously claimed you ‘can’t do’ because you had a gun to your head, then would you be able to do it? Yeah I thought so 😉  

There are many reasons why people fail to change. People can often have inner conflict, which causes lack of change, and ultimately, unhappiness. Think of someone who wants to do their first marathon, or achieve a better marathon time. But this person may also UNCONSCIOUSLY think that the process to get there will be too hard, too long. See the paradox? Or maybe the person also is UNCONSCIOUSLY fearful to undertake that journey as it may require them to outgrow their family/partner, and they’re hesitant to do that.

Change is not a matter of ability, it’s a matter of aligning yourself with the right beliefs that support your change. If the same runner believed that the process of marathon training was EXCITING and would lead to FREEDOM, or they believed that the growth involved to do the training would BENEFIT their relationships with their partner/family, do you think they would jump into the training and achieve the marathon goal much more quickly than the former example?

Change is a matter of alignment. Tell yourself that YOU MUST change yourself now, and that change will lead to immediate and extraordinary pleasure (You’ll finally escape your inner conflict). On the contrary, failure to change = Massive unbearable pain (You’ll continue to be internally torn). Change now or change never.

6. The brain doesn’t do what you want, it does what you NEED.

Tell me if you’ve done this before – Have you ever set a New Years resolution about something you want, only to forget about it a week later, then go on to set the exact same resolution for the next 3 years?

On the other hand, if you’re a runner, it’s your IDENTITY. You NEED to run most days of the week, you NEED to have an event booked in, you NEED to be following a program, as it is who you are. You MAKE it happen don’t you? You will work everything else around it, and get it done. Don’t just want something, you must need it.

7. Where focus goes, energy flows

Have you ever learnt about a new car, or were made aware of a new fashion trend, then suddenly start seeing it everywhere? It’s not that it wasn’t there before, it just wasn’t on your radar and your brain didn’t register it. What you focus on, energy will also go. Focus on your goals, the actions you need to take, who you need to be, focus on the positives out of any circumstance, and that’s what you will see and where you will be able to allocate your energy.

8. Loss is an illusion

Imagine you’re on a plane getting ready for a 14 hour flight. You’re prepared to NOT have internet access for the next 14 hours. But then the crew make an announcement that there WILL be internet available. Everyone celebrates like crazy. Then 10 minutes into the flight, the internet stops working. What do you think is everyone’s reaction? Crazy anger. People are yelling and complaining. But really, the current situation of a 14-hour flight with no internet is no different to 10 minutes ago when everyone was happy with that. Loss is an illusion. Keep that perspective!

9. Progress comes from breaking patterns

Have you noticed that some people say that change happens in an instant, while others say that change happens gradually? Those who believe that change happens in an instant are the ones who make THE decision, and break the pattern immediately. Others don’t break the pattern immediately, and go back and forth for a long time before creating the change. Don’t just do the same thing and HOPE it will change tomorrow. Take charge and break your pattern today. So go out for that run, sign up to that gym, get that coach, join that running group, throw out your cigarettes, start eating fruit instead of ice cream after dinner.. TODAY, not tomorrow.

10. Immersion is everything. Get a coach, prime your environment.

There’s a reason why whole families are often overweight, or whole families are fit. Why couples are either both high achievers, or not. Who you hang out with you become. Every time I’ve gone to these 4-5 day events, I’ve achieved more than the last 12 months working on the same things on my own. The effect of immersion into a group environment- Whether it is a running squad, social circle, getting a coach instead of self-trial and error- Is the fastest way to create long lasting change and results. You can trial and error your training and take 24 months to figure it out, or you can have those learnings condensed into days and weeks by immersing yourself with a good coach and group-training environment.

There are many, many more learnings from this weekend. But these are 10 of the most powerful and life-changing concepts that I personally discovered or was reminded about during this weekend. Which one stands out to you the most?

I hope you enjoyed these 10 takeaways and may you apply it into your life TODAY!

See more about Tony Robbins here: https://www.tonyrobbins.com