[dropcap]T[/dropcap]rang was born and raised in Melbourne. As a young girl, she did well at school and extra-curricular activities. But she was always ‘comfortable’ and only did these things that were organised by her parents or the school. It wasn’t until later in her adolescent years when she started jogging ‘around the block’, that she discovered fulfilment and purpose through personal growth.

Trang started with only running for 2 minutes before having to stop. Each week she would surprise herself by running for a few extra minutes, and eventually, she reached the point where she could run 5km straight. Despite this being a relatively small win, it was huge for her at the time, because from that day, she was unconsciously changed. Trang realised that human potential is incredibly huge, but many people will never have the honour of pushing past their ‘perceived’ limits and discovering what they’re truly capable of.

Fast forward to the present, Trang now works as a Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach to help others achieve the maximal physical performance within their sport, and to ultimately reach absolute fulfilment in life. Trang’s primary goal for others is high-level athletic development through training and injury management. Utilising her unique skillsets, she also has a focus on advanced mindset coaching for development of individuals into not only high-achieving athletes, but also high-achieving human beings.

Trang serves to work with individuals who want to truly change their own lives because they refuse to settle for ‘average’ and strive for continual physical and personal growth. Knowing how true fulfilment comes from being possibility-driven and self-growth, she aims to bring the passion into other people’s lives through the form of high-performance training, maintaining evidence-based practice for the highest level of quality and impact on the lives of others.

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