Trang is a Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Melbourne, with a particular interest in athletic development for field athletes, runners and weightlifting populations.

Through strength and conditioning training and injury management, Trang helps people reach maximal physical performance and achieve their ultimate sporting goals, to ultimately fulfil their absolute potential in life. The goal is to help people become not only high-achieving athletes, but a high-achieving human beings.

If you are someone who truly wants to take your training to the next level, who truly wants to change your life because you know you have so much more potential than where you are at now… Then The Motion Mechanic is for you.

Happy Clients

  • “Trang has not only helped me work on my training, but also developing a mentality to see things from different perspectives which has helped me win both in the gym and everyday life.” - Jono Fung
  • Trang’s enthusiasm and energy is really motivational, especially when supplemented with her S&C coaching and Physiotherapy knowledge. I really believe I’m in the best hands to achieve my performance goals– Tran Nguyen
  • The Motion Mechanic won me over other performance coaching companies due to the perfect balance of evidence-based practice and applicable skills, as well as Trang’s authenticity and passion to provide incredible value – Phillip Ho
  • “Working with Trang has been a revolution! THE ELITE coaching is exactly what I need in terms of Mindset, Training and Support. I can happily say I am no longer looking back. Thank you Trang!” - Nadine Plaiche
  • “I was able to complete my first marathon within 3 hours 48 mins thanks to Trang’s invaluable physical AND psychological coaching and support.” - Thibault Minondo
  • Trang helped me achieve my first marathon. Her experience as a Physio, Personal Trainer and runner has kept me injury free, whilst increasing my fitness levels - over and above my expectations. Thanks Trang. - Evelyn Wilton
    Jennie Wilson



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